A Wise Mom’s Valuable Advice

TIP SHEET #13:   A Wise Mom’s Valuable Advice

  1. Don’t let your children believe that your love and approval depends on their grades, athletic ability, or success.
  • They need to be successful in their own right, not because you need to validate yourself.
  • Be their biggest cheerleader, staunchest advocate and strongest support system.
  1. Love them unconditionally for who they are, not for what they accomplish.
  • Kids know the difference.
  • Make time for them to download their day to you. Having time to connect with them every day involves you in their lives and helps prevent unexpected bumps in the road.
  1. Give your kids as much trust as you can – and lead by example.
  • Be trustworthy yourself.
  • Teach your kids that everything in life doesn’t come to you naturally.
  • Inspire a sense of values, work ethic and motivation – despite the obstacles.
  1. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • If they come to believe that you trust them, they’re more likely to live up to your belief in them.
  • Set limits on their use of technology: the vast majority of homework doesn’t need a computer.
  • Create a quiet space for them to do their homework away from the TV and other distractions.
  1. We are what people think we are.
  • The child who is convinced that trustworthiness is a positive value is likely to be trustworthy.
  • Put them with kids who are headed for achievement, then back away a little.
  • Create time for your child to be successful without burning her out. Keep it simple, and don’t push.

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