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Karyn RashoffHomework is a big part of success in high school. Parents in Highschooland is built around concrete anecdotes and examples of positive things parents have found successful in their homes and in their direct contact with school officials, teachers, coaches —  and, of course, their teens. Tips, interviews, and true stories told by students, parents and educators are demonstrated throughout the book.

All parents want their teens to become independent, confident and ready to take on the rigors of college and the responsibilities of adulthood. This book may be used as a quick reference of ideas for  parents who are long-term planners with a child just beginning the educational process, as well as for parents in the throes of the usual tasks of watching their teen grow up.

Thanks to her 33 years of dedicated work as a high school guidance counselor —  a career that included nearly 20,000 documented counseling interactions with students, parents, teachers and administrators — few education professionals are better qualified than author Karyn Rashoff to identify, analyze and resolve the complex and usually conflict-filled interactions among students, their teachers, and their parents.


Karyn Rashoff, authorKaryn Rashoff devoted thirty-three years to a busy career in education, serving as a counselor to the teen-aged subculture in California high schools—without ever a dull moment.

“Retirement is an enormous gift to pursue interests I didn’t have the time to go after when I was working. The time now offered by retirement is a reward, allowing me to volunteer in two fantastic non-profits.

“The Pacific Symphony Orchestra Class Act Program – beginning its 25th year – goes into 32 elementary schools in Orange County, bringing music in an interactive format to over 16,000 students each year. Individual Symphony musicians – talented teaching artists – are placed in year-long residencies in schools, sharing the life, music and the personal trials and triumphs of the composer of the year. Some of the composers studied have been Beethoven, Gershwin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Saint-Saens, Bernstein and Vivaldi.

“The Philharmonic Society of Orange County is another organization that brings music to children. ‘The arts are essential for a civilized society, a creative and productive workforce, and the growth and vitality of the human spirit.’ A wide array of music education programs – within classrooms and at concerts – are offered at no charge to all public and private schools in Orange County. More than 5 million children, from kindergarten through high school, have participated in the Youth Music Education Programs since their inception in 1958.

“When you retire, rediscover the love and passion that you put on your back burner and go for it!”

At twenty-three, Rashoff became a middle and high school counselor in a rural town in Northern California. In the years since, she has worked with students and families in high schools, discovering that all parents—regardless of income, ethnicity, race or social status—want the very best for their children’s education and lives.

She earned her B.A. in Sociology and her M.S. in Educational Counseling from California State University, Long Beach, both with honors. She continued coursework at Chico State University, UC Irvine, and University of San Diego. She holds lifetime credentialing for California Pupil Personnel Services K – 12 and California Community College Counseling.

Karyn has written articles on parenting, spoken at countless parent nights, and counseled thousands of teens dealing with grief, the pain of betrayal by friends, difficulties with teachers and parents, and their own changing priorities. She is available for speaking engagements and workshops. A long-time resident of Orange County, Karyn delights in singing with three community choral groups and is an avid gardener.

To learn more about Karyn Rashoff’s career, read her résumé.


Clever guide for parents.
By WolfessRose on October 9, 2014

“This author has achieved in writing a comprehensive, thoroughly involved guide for parents to help their teenage learner succeed. This book not only provides prolific advice about the substance of schoolwork and how to help your student become responsible for  homework and accountable with time management, but it also gives a great insight into the general psychology within the teenage mind in relation to school. With clever and interesting anecdotes, and constructive observations, this book is a must read for any parent with a high school student.”

Needs to be a prerequisite for parents.
By ebomb143 on October 31, 2014

“If I could give this book more stars I would. I know this book is geared towards parents whose children are in high school, but I would recommend this book to anyone with school aged children. The book itself was a pleasure to read and transitioned easily from one chapter to the next. I wish this book was a prerequisite for parents to have before their children start school.”

Required reading for all parents … the “Dr. Spock” for raising school-aged children.
By SoCalMom on November 9, 2014

“Ms. Rashoff’s advice comes from experience that is tried and true. As a high school nurse in Long Beach, I am recommending this book. She covers all the issues that come up daily in high school. For example, sometimes it is hard to hear that we are ‘over parenting’, but Rashoff presents the pitfalls objectively with care but without blame.  Parents in Highschooland should be required reading for all parents of children entering middle and high school. It really captures the parent-child-student-school relationship, but it applies to life with children 24-7. Parents no longer need to say, ‘Wow, if I’d only known all this before Johnny started school’….  read Highschooland and skip the mistakes we all made!”

I invite you to send me your family’s personal success in Highschooland to possibly share with other readers in my future book. I look forward to hearing from you at info@karynrashoff.com.