What Can You Do When Your Kids are Young to Help Them Like School?

TIP SHEET #12:   What Can You Do When Your Kids are Young to Help Them Like School?

  1. Read to your kids at bedtime.
  • Read aloud to them even after they learn to read so they can hear the vocabulary of the book
  • “Partner read” – take turns reading aloud.
  1. Check and supervise homework in elementary school.
  • If you don’t check homework, if your child is struggling in an area, you aren’t in touch
  • You are signaling to your child that school is important enough to take your time in the evening to see what she has done.
  1. Good study habits are formed in elementary and middle school.
  • Try to keep organized
  • Stress occurs when you can’t find what you need or know where you’re supposed to go.
  1. Be involved in classroom activities, even though you might work full-time.
  • As an occasional room helper, you see a special view of your own child’s life
  • You observe other children: their learning and potential friends of your child.
  1. Keep homework simple and routine.
  • Give time to unwind when they get home
  • Do homework before play.
  1. Invite kids to your house to study when you are home.
  • This “normalizes” studying and makes it social
  • This demonstrates that school is important.
  1. Let her pick out her own study materials and accessories.
  • She will take more “ownership” if she chooses supplies
  • Help her arrange her study area, removing distractions.

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