Kids in Musicianland

BarkingDogBooks is Proud to Announce the Launch of
Kids In Musicianland
Yes, the study of music is sometimes tough and frustrating.
You might think about quitting. But no!
Musicians, radio hosts, professors and kids share their personal stories
about why they stuck with music throughout their lifetimes.

1. You Meet a Lot of People
2. You Are Part of a Team
3. You Are Part of History
4. You Get to Travel
5. You Balance Your Life with Music

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Kids in Musicianland and Parents in Highschooland are available for purchase locally at

Karyn Rashoff’s first book Parents in Highschooland: Helping Students Succeed in the Critical Years is a caring and supportive account of her thirty-three years of dedicated work as a high school guidance counselor. Homework is a big issue at home, sometimes causing power struggles or warfare between teens and their parents.

In her career, during which she documented nearly 20,000 counseling interactions with students, parents, teachers and administrators, Karyn identifies, analyzes and resolves the complex and usually conflict-filled interactions between students and their parents in a selection of some 50 stories taken lovingly from “real life.”

On this website, you can read stories from Parents in Highschooland. Also, Karyn offers practical tips and suggests helpful resources for parents and educators. Check back regularly for more information including upcoming presentations, classes, and book signings.


I invite you to send me your family’s personal success in Highschooland to possibly share with other readers in my future book. I look forward to hearing from you at  info@karynrashoff.com.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Marion

    Awesome Accomplishment Karyn,

    But I wouldn’t expect anything but the best which is your norm. I am blessed to have you as a long time friend and you are missed dearly by me and our precious students. Congratulations mi Amiga!

  2. Rick Sendele

    Karyn – Your book is a great road map for helping parents successfully navigate their way though that challenging place called “Highschooland”.

  3. Susan DiGiambattista

    Hi Karen:
    Great web site. Even though I don’t have highschooler, I can’t wait to read the book and give a copy to my daughter.

  4. Tom Mendenhall

    Congratulations Karyn,
    What a great accomplishment. I’m ordering a copy to share with my daughter. She should find this interesting as she pursues her child psychology degree!


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