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Two years of revision and editing brings parents more useful tip sheets, study guides, easier to read text, and encouragement in the tricky teen years. A helpful and caring book for parents of ‘tweens and teens, the short chapters are useful right away and can be shared with the students. Teenagers change constantly, and it’s hard to keep up, but Parents in Highschooland illustrates common-sense advice from parents and students that stands the test of time. School success is not a mystery.high school

Raising school-age children can be tough, and the rules of parenting change throughout the growing years of your child’s life. Morals and responsibility stay unchangeable, as modeled by you, the parent. Talking with your teen can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things you do in your life (at this time), but don’t give up. They are listening even when we aren’t talking!

high school

Review from Publishers Weekly:

“Rashoff uses her considerable experience (33 years as a high school counselor) to provide practical advice in this no-nonsense guidebook for parents and students. Rashoff’s tone is compassionate but firm, and she uses snappy, memorable comparisons to get her points across, while employing advice from families who have successfully navigated high school. Each chapter concludes with an enthusiastic directive or question, and readers will find help on a broad variety of topics, such as how to talk to your child and how to improve study habits. Rashoff also has suggestions for success from teachers of various subjects. The author is also attentive to issues surrounding ethnic diversity in schools, and includes a chapter on “Wisdom from Other Cultures.” Rashoff has compiled such a helpful book – well-researched, on topic, with plenty of good examples – that it’s hard to give her anything but an A.”

high schoolKaryn Rashoff’s first book Parents in Highschooland: Helping Students Succeed in the Critical Years is a caring and supportive account of her thirty-three years of dedicated work as a high school guidance counselor. Homework is a big issue at home, sometimes causing power struggles or warfare between teens and their parents.

In her career, during which she documented nearly 20,000 counseling interactions with students, parents, teachers and administrators, Karyn identifies, analyzes and resolves the complex and usually conflict-filled interactions between students and their parents in a selection of some 50 stories taken lovingly from “real life.”


I invite you to send me your family’s personal success in Highschooland to possibly share with other readers in my future book. I look forward to hearing from you at  info@karynrashoff.com.