What TEENS Need to Do for Math Success

TIP SHEET #8: What Teens Need to Do for Math Success

Classroom success begins long before you walk through the classroom door!

  • Ask the teacher questions in class or at tutorial. Ask as soon as you have one, and don’t wait until you get home.
  • Take your math book and homework home every day even if you’ve finished all of your homework. Here is why:
    1. to show your parents that you’ve completed the work and have them quickly check it
    2. to do a 5-minute review (practice) of the work you already did.
  •  If you have time at the end of class, start your math homework right away – don’t just shut the book to chat with friends and wait to start at home.
    Here is why:
    1. if you’re having trouble, you can ask the teacher right away
    2. starting work in class begins the important practice of making it stick.
  • Use the teacher’s format and show all of your work.
    Here is why: if you make a mistake in the process of steps, the teacher (and you) can see where you didn’t understand. Showing all of your work isn’t about cheating; it’s about discovering a mistake and correcting it in the process of steps.
  • Look in the book for help. Get in the habit of looking backward into the section just taught if you need help. Your mind is a wonderful resource if it knows how to use a book as a teaching tool.
  • Copy down the bold words and their definitions to make flash cards. Important words and concepts in the book are bold to help you learn.
    Here is why: this will impress your parents and make them happy!
  • Every night before bed, check your backpack to make sure you have paper, your books, homework and pencils. Put all of your school stuff in front of the door you’re going to walk out of in the morning. Check your printer to make sure there’s nothing left in it.

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